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Our mission?

TEACHING your baby the language of taste and good eating habits

We want to help & stimulate young parents to COOK for their little ones, and spoil them with as much flavours as possible, as early as possible!


A basic rule of nutrition education :

Kids & babies too like it yummy !

Like all professionals, we are convinced that one of the keys in teaching children to eat healthily is that they really enjoy their plates.Only if you teach them early on that healthy and delicious can go hand in hand, will they also continue to choose the healthy option themselves, later in life.


Notre rêve ?

My biggest dream ?

Sienna & Friends wants to actively contribute to the nutrition education of young children and wants to prepare their taste buds for the variety in flavours they will eat later in life, as an adult. So that the generation of our children can build a healthy relationship with food for the rest of their lives.


So what do we propose exactly ?

Delicious, organic products

designed to encourage and help parents to cook at home, using fresh and local ingredients,
for their baby and kids from their first bites. 

All our products are without added sugar, salt or additives, flavoured with herbs and spices, "with adult flavours" and of course adapted to the standards and needs of little ones. 


And for who ?

For babies, but also for bigger kids (incl. parents)

We have sauces, spreads, spices, soups, pasta, oatmeal, snacks ....
All filled with only good stuff and premium ingredients. So not only your baby, but also bigger foodies will love them.


Ideal to make your baby's meal delicious :

Our spicemixes

Spices infuse food and make them delicious, without needing any salt and sugar. A good habit to learn from the start. Paediatric dieticians agree that we can and should broaden babies’ palates with the use of herbs and spices starting as early as 6 months. It will not only help them finally enjoy their plate, but will prepare their palate for the first exposure to very addictive salt and sugar.


On high demand of nutritionnists, we also propose

Healthy (baby &) kids snacks

We want to provide a healthier alternative to over-processed, over-sweetened & over-salted snacks, for babies, but especially for kids. Their body is not yet ready for high doses of sugar and salt, believe me. This does not mean our snacks are not DELICIOUS. Try them, you will be convinced...


Our products

«Our products are designed to stimulate parents to cook at home with as much flavors as possible, as soon as possible!»

Our Product, Healthy food can be the more delicious choice

Our recipes

We give you some easy and tasty inspirations for every meal of the day. They're suitable for your little ones but can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Let's cook!

Helping your baby to develop good eating habits involves

Palate development

This is important as it will not only prepare their taste buds for the variety of flavors they will eat later in life but also provide them a natural armor against their first exposure to salt and sugar.

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