Meet Sienna

Sienna's Dream

It makes Sienna very sad to see that so many of her friends are in poor health; growing up with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. We, her parents, believe that over-processed, over-sweetened, over-salted, empty calories & all-day-long snacking have something to do with that. As our taste buds naturally steer us towards sweet and salty foods, it is only natural that once they are used to these flavours, children come to prefer them & even feel that they need them. But these foods, which make them smile for a while, have lasting consequences for their health.

Sienna’s dream is that “nutritional intelligence”, the ability to recognize, choose and enjoy healthy & nutritious foods, can be given as a precious gift from parents to all her little friends. So that hopefully, all of them grow up as healthy as possible, and will educate their kids in the same way later, when they are all grown up.

While doing her research, Sienna found out about the Sapere Movement, which shares a lot of her beliefs and is a perfect match with the products she proposes.

This Movement shows that it is possible to educate little ones to the pleasure of food and that doing so will set the children up for a lifetime of healthy eating. Feeding is learning; learning by senses, learning by playing. They promote that sensory exploration & education should be a basic part of every child’s education, something that we completely agree on.

It saddens Sienna that some of her most needy little friends will not have the opportunity to eat all the yummy products she made, or do not even have enough good food available for them to grow up and learn. So, she decided that, for each product sold, she will put some money aside and use it to purchase products from Nutriset. Since its foundation in 1986, Nutriset has set itself the goal of feeding vulnerable populations in developing countries and providing humanitarian workers with innovative and effective nutritional solutions.

In cooperation with its partners, Nutriset has been able to implement radical changes in the treatment and prevention of the different forms of malnutrition. 

To fulfil its mission, "nutritional autonomy for all", the company has massively invested in research, developed a range of products to reach different target populations, and encouraged local production as close as possible to the recipients.

Sienna is very happy that she can make a small contribution to this amazing project. If she can help some kids to wake up and fall asleep without an empty little belly, it will give her so much happiness.