Magical ingredients

Because ingredients can be so much more than just tasty additions to flavour our foods.


For centuries, spices have been used to flavour food and as a medicine in all the great civilizations. However, today, when people think about spices, they think about ethnic food only. Babies and kids are exposed to spices much later, if at all, at which point they may find the tastes too unfamiliar to accept them easily. So, one of the basic rules of Sienna is to use & embrace spices & herbs in your day-to-day cooking, from the start. Because they play a key role to develop your little one’s palate! They have the great ability to teach flavour & to reduce the need for the addictive salt and sugar! Once little ones have been exposed to a certain spice flavour they like, then, often, they will like other foods which are flavoured with that same spice or spice mixture.

But they are so much more than just tasty additions to flavour our foods:
their taste mirrors the concentrated nutrients within. They have tons of health & nutritional benefits which makes it a fantastic idea to expose your littles ones to spices, from the first bite.

“Paediatricians and paediatric dieticians agree that we can and should broaden babies’ palates with the use of herbs and spices starting as early as 6 months.”


Sienna cares about your little one’s health, which is why we use as many magical ingredients as possible in our recipes. Healthy ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, vegetable oils, grains, …, next to being delicious & colourful, can do so much good for your little ones.

Nutritionists and health experts all praise the benefits of certain foods. Eating healthy, including these ingredients, has been shown to be quite magical, it can reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and even certain types of cancer. So, is that not the best gift you can give as a parent to your little one? To boost their health by eating healthy.

“Healthy food can be the most delicious choice!”

But they are so much more than just
tasty additions to flavour our foods:

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