Taste Sienna's

Spelt Pasta

VAT included

  • No additives
    No additives
  • Save time
    Save time
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Mummy made - Baby approved
    Mummy made - Baby approved
  • Baby 12 months
    Baby 12 months

A perfect quick & easy option for a home-cooked meal.

A perfect quick & easy option for a home-made meal.

Sienna always has some of her Italian Spelt Pasta at home: because pasta is her favourite dish & because it’s such an easy meal to improvise when her parents don't have a lot of time. Simply add one of Sienna’s healthy sauces, some parmesan cheese and you have an instant smile on your little one’s face!

Teach your little ones to familiarise themselves with texture & the process of chewing!

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