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Beetroot & Thyme Crisps

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  • No additives
    No additives
  • Organic
  • Not fried
    Not fried
  • No added sugar
    No added sugar
  • No added salt
    No added salt
  • Child 36 months
    Child 36 months

For all those moments when your little foodies are on the go, at school, or when they don't have enough energy to play all day.

A healthy & super delicious snack!

Tym wants to provide a healthier alternative to over-processed, over-sweetened & over-salted snacks. The beetroot crisps are perfect as a picnic, at school, as an appetizer, or on-the go and will make your little ones instantly happy.

Our crisps are 100% dried beetroot, a bit of honey, thyme and lemon juice, nothing else. 

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