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Moroccan Spicemix

VAT included

  • No additives
    No additives
  • Save time
    Save time
  • Organic
  • No added sugar
    No added sugar
  • Gluten free
    Gluten free
  • No added salt
    No added salt
  • Baby 8 months
    Baby 8 months

Make your little foodies discover Moroccan flavours. Ideal for the palate development for little foodies to be.

A must for the palate development of your little ones!

This Moroccan spice blend, made by Cori, is one of Sienna's favourites. It gives a warm and fruity taste to your little one’s couscous, quinoa, tajine or vegetables etc. The mix gives an adventurous touch to every dish, including “boring vegetables” which most kids don’t eat enough of. It is perfect for curious little foodies to be who want to discover the exciting world of flavours.

This mix lets your little foodies familiarize themselves with the wonderful world of spices & herbs, a perfect way to learn to eat & love spices and avoid a life of bland food.

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