Taste Canella’s

Oats, Apple & Cinnamon Porridge - gluten free

VAT included

  • No additives
    No additives
  • Organic
  • No added sugar
    No added sugar
  • Gluten free
    Gluten free
  • No added salt
    No added salt
  • Lactose free
    Lactose free
  • Baby 12 months
    Baby 12 months

Oatmeal is the perfect neutral basic food to experiment with new flavours & textures, and a perfect start to a busy baby day.

Oatmeal is the perfect to experiment with new flavours & textures!

Canella, one of Sienna’s best friends, made a very nutritious and yummy porridge. The oats will keep your little one’s tummy full for a long time without too much sugar. A perfect start to a busy baby day! Get creative and add your favourite toppings. Use all types of fruit (fresh or in compote), spices, toasted nuts & grains, coconut flakes, yoghourt – the options are endless!