Product attributes
and benefits

Based on all our little foodie’s recipes, we can offer a range of innovative, organic & super yummy products.

Our products are especially designed to help parents:

  • Save time in home cooking
  • Jazz up their recipes
  • Eliminate their concerns about ingredient suitability
  • Introduce new tastes and flavours to their little ones

But most importantly, we hope our products will teach children to love healthy food forever!

We make it as you would make it at home!

All Sienna’s products are:

  • ✓ 100% Organic
  • ✓ Without added sugar or salt
  • ✓ Without additives
  • ✓ Flavoured with herbs or spices*
  • ✓ Designed to tickle the taste buds & develop an adventurous palate.
  • ✓ And… Super yummy! Because the only way to make your little one eat healthy is if he loves what he eats!

*Spices are the best ingredients to expose little ones to new tastes and to develop their palates. So, Sienna does not cook without them! Spices give a sense of adventure to all her recipes.

“Picky eaters are made, not born”

  • Organic

  • No added sugar

  • No added salt

  • No additives

  • Save time in

  • Approved by
    pediatric dietitian

  • Vegan

  • Jazzes up recipes

  • Ideal for
    palate development

  • Mummy made
    Baby approved

  • from 6months+